Monday, 28 December 2015

Pawns after Christmas

Christmas was fun. The weather didn't look like the Christmas cards but although warm I'm glad it was rainy so the Christmas lights looked pretty throughout the day. We received some lovely presents and here are a few which are at least vaguely allotment-based.

The red things at the front are hand warmer gel packs, which will prove so useful if we actually get a Winter this year! The West Country recipe book has some lovely recipes for veggies - I'm keen to try the potato, carrot and parsnips coated in herby flour and onion, fennel and red pepper tarts sound good too! And how about the Gardener's hip flask! I think the to-do list is definitely in the right order!!
Hopefully we will have somewhere to use these lovely pressies and our veggies will be home-grown...

In my last post I mentioned 'news of a further extension of our lease'. I was being more positive than I've felt over the last month. I probably should have said something like 'a further year's extension of our lease seems likely'. So we're not out of the woods yet.
Just before Christmas, Hungerford Town Council, HAHA and AONB (along with other concerned authorities and individuals) contacted West Berkshire Council to outline why the WBC decision on the Hungerford development plan is flawed and why they should listen to the opinions of the local council and townspeople. The argument refers to allotments because (I quote),
"Donnington Homes made a clear commitment that if planning permission is gained for their HUN001 site then the Marsh Lane allotment site would receive a lengthy lease extension at the very least, or it may even be given to the community of Hungerford permanently. So the future of our lovely site is unfortunately linked into these development machinations. If WBC’s Plan, as it currently stands, is approved by the Planning Inspector then we will probably lose the Marsh Lane site".
I grudgingly completed the paperwork to backup the HTC plan for the sake of the allotment site (and because the WBC plan does seem illogical based on traffic flow in the town). But I really hate being used as a bargaining chip, particularly when I'm still aware of the compulsory lease option which the Council doesn't seem to have looked into. We have another Council meeting next week, which I hope will have another big turnout of allotment holders, but I'm sure there will have been little progress over the Christmas period...


  1. Good luck, I hope all turns out well for you in the end.

  2. Shame politics has to spoil the enjoyment of gardening.
    Good luck!

  3. Herbs are the plants on my list to be grown in our garden next year. But there's no seed's supply on our seed box


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