Sunday, 22 November 2015

Chilly Chillis and Eskimo Carrots

Look at that sad little plant.
The temperature went down to -4.8° in the greenhouse overnight marking the end of the chilli plant and the tomatillos.
It's been a cold weekend; not one for working on the plot but I wanted some carrots for soup so we wandered up this afternoon. The sun just peeped out for a short while, but didn't hang round and neither did we!
I pulled a couple of the Eskimo carrots - one of these weighs 500g, so I only need two for 3 days of soup! And we saved some of the red chillis - they aren't very hot but will add a little spice. Clearly Wilkos had labelled the plant wrong, which I'm quite happy with, as I couldn't have eaten them if they were too hot.
The sprout stems have been blown sideways by the recent storms but the sprouts are looking firm and have plumped up nicely over the last month.
The birds were active on the allotment today. The magpie family are ever-present and were having a stand-off with one of the kestrels before they took to the sky for a dogfight.
The kestrel chasing the magpie off


  1. We think we spotted a kestrel on one of our bird bathed this morning

  2. Looks like your frost was heavy too. I couldn`t believe how things had collapsed inside our polytunnel. Our chillis are so hot we have to put in about 1/8th to any dish or too much.

    1. Yes, i didnt think it would be that cold!

  3. Crumbs that was cold. We only went down to nearly zero outside.


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