Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pickled Beetroot

Jamie prepared and pickled the beetroot today. We always bake them wrapped in foil, with the stems still attached to prevent bleeding; this keeps as much flavour in the beet as possible.
After an hour and a half at 190° they're ready and need removing from their skins. It usually slides off pretty easily but can get a bit messy!
25g of sugar was dissolved into 350ml of slightly heated Aspall Classic Red Wine vinegar. After the beets have cooled we like to cut them with the ridge slicer and Jamie packed them into the sterilised jar and covered them with the vinegar.
 There! Ready for Christmas!


  1. Your blog is always so informative. We always do them in our old pressure cooker. Sounds like Jamie is a good man around the kitchen as well as in the garden.

    1. Thanks! A pressure cooker must help keep the flavour well too - We always used to boil beets but so much is lost that way and the mess :-(


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