Sunday, 22 October 2017


Not quite the Glass Gem colours we were hoping to see, but there's potential. I probably should have left this on the plant but I couldn't resist as I'm not sure the plants will survive any more of this stormy weather.
They're only little cobs, as you can see. I still hope there may be some fully colourful cobs in a couple of weeks time. So far October has brought the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia and this week's Storm Brian.

We left some of our Lark cobs on the plants too long and, as well as being nibbled by various visitors, the kernels have started drying out. So we missed out on a corn on the cob lunch yesterday.
The photo below shows a section of our allotments which don't have any tenants. Some of these plots have been rotavated and then covered. I think the white covers look awful, but they do keep the plots weed-free(ish) and one of the committee members can get them for us at no cost.

The ones close to the hedge have horsetail which makes them less appealing to new tenants. The middle of those plots will look different when we're back from our holiday as it will have a compost toilet on it - courtesy of the National Lottery. That will save a lot on our annual Portaloo rental!
And, we have another grant which we're going to use for purchase of promotional materials (like display boards and posters). If you're in Hungerford and shop at Tescos please ask for a token and drop it in the HAHA pot in November and December - thanks!
Electronic provide the title track - haven't heard that for a few years! Enjoy (and this may really be the final post before holiday!)


  1. Prospective plot holders are really spoiled on your site,

    1. Haha, I know! Hopefully it'll lure them in :-)

    2. Didn't understand this until I googled a picture of Glass Gem! I'm still in two minds as to when to call it a day on my (white/yellow) sweetcorn.

      ps Were the Pet Shop Boys involved in that song - or did they sue Electronic?

    3. It's hard to tell with the sweetcorn, our big cobs looked good on the outside so I didn't expect to find dried out kernels πŸ™
      Yes, Neil Tennant is singing so not sueing πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Dear Belinda,

    My name is Ola, and I help to write the blog at Thompson and Morgan, the seed company. We’re doing a special feature about vegetable growing blogs and came across yours. I particularly enjoyed your article about the Glass Gem corn - fingers crossed for more colourful cobs! If it’s OK with you, I’d like to include your blog in our piece.

    We’d like to mention this blog post:

    The Thompson & Morgan blog attracts a large readership and you’ll be featured alongside some top bloggers, all of whom write with style and authority.

    We’re hoping to publish the post soon; would it be alright if we use a picture to accompany the write-up of your blog?

    We’re thinking of featuring this photo:

    It goes without saying that we’ll credit and link, both the photo and our review of your blog, to your page, and I’ll be sure to let you know when we make this piece live.

    Should you have any queries, please do let me know - I’ll be happy to help.

    Many thanks,



    Thompson & Morgan blog

  3. I grew glass gem for the first time this year and recently harvested a few cobs - I couldn't resist having a peek either! Mine are very colourful but I've read that the colour deepens if you leave them. We're still having warmish weather in London so I've left a few cobs on the stalks to see if that's true.

    1. I hope we haven't had a frost in Hungerford which will likely have finished off any possibility of colourful cobs this year,..


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