Monday, 9 October 2017

Thats Entertainment

Getting up very early on a Sunday is usually frowned upon, but yesterday it was Hungerford Food Festival, so needs must. First we went to the allotments to pick some vegetables for the display and were very pleased to see all these donations waiting for us in the communal toolshed.
Such generous plotholders! There were pumpkins, butternut squash, celeriac, jerusalem artichoke and beets. I could go on, there was much more, as you can see from our Ka, and this was the first of two trips.
So, we got to the Corn Exchange where the other stallholders were beginning to set up some delicious food and drinks stalls.
HAHA had our usual spot on the first floor, with Kerry offering tasty cheese and chive scones and elderflower cordial at the top of the stairs encouraging people up :-) 
We set up a colourful display of all the lovely veg as well as putting out photobooks, leaflets, business cards and a photo slideshow - 30 minutes of photos from 2009 to date. 

Also a selection of photos showing the Nursery School plot at the Fairfields site. 

And posters encouraging people to collect their Tesco's tokens for HAHA when we're one of the 'Bags of Help' candidates in November and December - very exciting!  
We're going to stock up our promotional items with the grant money when it comes through.
The Jeune et vert squashes and marina di chioggia pumpkin were big talking points. 
And, we're very pleased that we have three new plotholders, once we show them round and they choose a plot.
Jamie and I went for something to eat and join the crowds outside with some delicious veggie streetfood from Mrs B's Kitchen.
I love Hungerford when it's bustling and it was a bright warm day so perfect for sitting and listening to the music.
An hour before the end of the festival people started giving small donations for some of the veg. I was pleased to nab one of the huge celeriacs which I'll add to carrots to make soup, I also took a few other veggies as I couldn't resist. 
And I gained this beautiful bunch of chrysanthemums.
Such a busy, tiring day but I have to agree with The Jam.


  1. The was stripy squash is pretty. How’s hard wash it to cut into.

    1. About as hard as a pumpkin - not like a gem squash, but they can be eaten small too when they're just like a courgette.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you could pop over and do a bit of shopping!

  3. HAHA so much better than our FEDAGA!! Looks like you had "A Grand Day Out" (cue Wallace and Gromit)

  4. Thanks, we've got a good bunch in our team!

  5. Really enjoyed this blog post Belinda and I can see why the marina di chioggia pumpkin was the taking point, so good to read that you got some newbies to join.


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