Sunday, 14 May 2017


It's been a great weekend of allotmenting. Seven hours(!) yesterday on a dry warm day but very windy at times. We got a lot done between us, including setting up the carrot protection and sowing two rows of carrots: Primo and Eskimo 
The netting is off the onions now and the weeded plot looks much better, especially after some rain. I sowed a whole packet of coriander between the carrots and onions - hopefully the slugs won't eat the whole lot like last year!
These seeds we sowed into modules:
  •   Russian Giant sunflower
  •   Elite Sun sunflower
  •   Scarlet Empire runner beans (these are at home, still not warm enough to trust the temperatures in the greenhouse)
And  these little seedlings were potted on to individual pots from their modules:
  •   French marigold (Honeycomb)
  •   Aster (Duchess mixed)
A short row of Little Gem lettuce has been sowed alongside the transplanted lettuce seedlings which have perked up in their net cloche.
We've sown night stocks near the bench and a patch of large poppies (Ruby Bonanza) in the flower section. This poppy has edible seeds, most are poisonous apparently, but these can be used in baking recipes - if they live long enough to get seed heads!
Today we spent most of the time tidying Plot3 - the broad beans have flowered and the valerian has grown taller than me and the flowers are just opening up.
We're not sure whether these runs are mole or vole but they've made the brassica patch much less solid than we'd planned! So we've hoed it over with added lime and will see if we can get it compressed again for when the seedlings are ready to be planted out.

During the week we received our deliveries of tomatoes (Aviditas) and the Redcurrant tomato plug plants so Jamie potted them up.
They look significantly healthier than my grown-from-seed Tigrella tomato plants...
So, after a week containing a frosty night (luckily we fleeced our potato plants), wind, rain, hail, even a flash and thunder with occasional hot sunshine I'm feeling HAPPY! Like Pharrell Williams :-)


  1. We too have had a busy weekend sowing and planting on the plot, Still no rain to speak of.

    1. Still no rain? Wow, we have had plenty for a while now!

  2. Lovely but I hate that song! Do you want a couple of Tomatillo plants?

    1. Aw, it's meant to make you feel happy as you dance round the room! No thanks to the tomatillo plants - but any offerings for the plant sale are welcome :-)

    2. I like that song actually. Plants look good. My gardening is a bit less intense but getting exciting!

    3. Yes! Now it's getting to the interesting part before the best part - the harvests!


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