Sunday, 12 March 2017

What Ive Done

On Thursday I sowed some Tigerella tomato seeds in a tray - they're on my windowsill at work because it's such a light window without full sun. And, as an aside, that lovely orchid has been in flower since the Christmas holidays!
Yesterday we spent 6 hours on the plot - exhausting work, but great to have cleared and dug such a large area of Plot3. This is how it looked initially...
And, after Jamie dug a huge trench and we added three of last years spent tomato bags plus 3 bags of lovely home-made compost...
We could then rake it over and it now it looks like this.
And to stop the annoying weeds returning before we've even planted the broad and runner beans, we've covered the whole lot in weed fabric.
Today I sowed 25 sweet peas in the greenhouse - protected by 'giant crumpet' packages, which happen to be a perfect fit for those pots!
Surprisingly we managed to miss any rain all weekend - though today certainly threatened.
Another thing I missed (pretty much) was the steam train that went past while we were working yesterday...
Today's song is by Linkin Park - such a great song and video. It should be 'what we've done' of course!


  1. That dug-over bed looks great. The soil is working down well. We`ve been busy too....feeling tired now.

    1. We did struggle with walking about on Sunday! But think it was worth the long session

  2. We missed the rain too so we have also managed to get quite a lot done n the allotment Martyn loves steam engines so we went to East Lancashire to photograph steam trains. I just like to take pretty photos of them in countryside settings and am not bothered which engine it is.

    1. Our ground is very wet though. No, I meant to look up what train it was but forgot. I couldn't find my 'photo burst' setting quickly enough so I got 'before' and 'after' shots only :-)

  3. Such a lot of works to be done next. Lovely orchid in the first picture


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