Friday, 9 August 2013

Mostly Tassles and Squashes

There are so many insects around at the moment that I've been neglecting my duties on the plot and mostly photographing the visitors. There are so many interesting flying things around! Anyway, back to the veg...

We're not too convinced we're going to get much (or any) sweetcorn this year :-( We've got plenty of male flowers but we're only just seeing any female tassles and there are no cobs appearing yet. We're pretty sure there should be cobs under the tassles...
Male flower
Female tassles

Well, it's early days, maybe we're just being impatient...

Something we won't go short of is squashes! The Uchiki Kuri is looking good. In fact, this one looks like it's almost ready to harvest, but I'm going to give it a couple more weeks so the skin gets a bit harder.

The courgettes continue to pay out but unfortunately the Floridor Yellow on the HAHA plot appears to have a disease. The courgettes form but the skin is lumpy and on cutting into one we found that it has brown patches in the flesh. Jamie thinks it may be Mosaic Virus. We'll probably pull the plant to stop the virus spreading to the other squashes. As well as being lumpy we have found that that plant isn't producing as many fruits as the plant on our plot - so, luckily we haven't given many away to people.

Our Lizzano plants are covered in tomatoes and we get a couple of red ones every now and then, which are delicious. We're expecting some more hot and sunny weather so hopefully that will get them reddening up...


  1. Your squashes are well ahead of mine and your toms look like they will be ripening soon, unlike mine. My Sweetcorn has been fantastic for the past month. One particular plant has given me 5 cobs, very unusual.

    1. Wow! Your sweetcorn is way ahead then. Saying that, I recall that you were ahead of the game with your plots at the beginning of the year - I didn't realise you were that far ahead though!


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